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New Journal Announcement!

Announcing a New Bi-Annual Academic Journal Published by Forbes Mills Press: JOURNAL OF INQUISITION STUDIES

The JOURNAL OF INQUISITION STUDIES, edited by Dr. John F. Chuchiak and Dr. Ana de Zaballa Beascoechea will include refereed scholarly articles and book reviews representing a wide range of interdisciplinary studies and varying perspectives on all aspects of the History of the Inquisition and Ecclesiastical Justice. Each volume will also have a brief section entitled “Research Notes,” as well as a selection of important brief primary source documents from the various regional Tribunals of the Inquisition.

Since the 1990s, scholarship in Inquisition Studies has expanded exponentially. So also has ethnohistorical, sociological, religious studies, and anthropological research focused on utilizing Inquisition sources for the uncovering of marginal and subaltern histories. To date, with the digitization of massive amounts of previous inaccessible Inquisitorial and ecclesiastical materials, in combination to the recent opening of the Vatican’s archive on the Holy Office, an even greater interest in Inquisition Studies has witnessed an explosion in research and publications. However, the traditional journals and other societal publications have not kept up pace. The JOURNAL OF INQUISITION STUDIES will provide a new publication outlet for the ever increasing scholarly output of a new generation of Inquisition specialists.

Research on all regions, time periods, areas and sub-disciplines pertaining to the Inquisition and the administration of ecclesiastical discipline are welcome, as are all socio-cultural studies and histories that use Inquisition trials and documents as their primary source base. Comparative, interdisciplinary, critical, and analytical studies as well as narrative histories are encouraged.

An international editorial board has been assembled to encourage, collect, and review works for inclusion. Submissions will be accepted at any time, with a deadline in the Fall for publication the following year. The first issue will be forthcoming in the Spring of 2007.

The editors are soliciting articles for the second volume to be published late in 2007. Articles and Research notes may be submitted in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Articles should be no more than 40 pages typed, following the Chicago Manual of Style (Turabian). Shorter pieces and research notes will also be considered, and each edition will also publish selected primary documents in translation. Those interested in reviewing books and other scholarly works on Inquisition Studies should contact the editors, as should those with works to be reviewed.

Send submissions to:

Dr. John F. Chuchiak IV
Department of History
Missouri State University
901 South National Ave.,
Springfield, MO, 65897

Dra. Ana de Zaballa Beascoechea
Prof. Titular de Historia de América
Universidad País Vasco


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