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"Exurge Domine Et Judica Causam Tuam"

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About the ISIS

The International Society for Inquisition Studies (ISIS) is an academic organization of professors, graduate and undergraduate students, college administrators, and independent scholars committed to research on all aspects of Inquisition Studies. Inquisition Studies represents a wide range of interdisciplinary studies and varying perspectives on all aspects of the history of the Inquisition and ecclesiastical discipline. ISIS welcomes members from all those interested in studying all regions, time periods, areas and sub-disciplines pertaining to the Inquisition and the administration of ecclesiastical justice and discipline, including those who conduct socio-cultural studies and histories that use Inquisition trials and documents as their primary source base. ISIS encourages the comparative, interdisciplinary, critical, and analytical study of the Inquisition and its sources, as well as the creation of traditional narrative histories.

Since the 1990s, scholarship in Inquisition Studies has expanded exponentially. So also has ethnohistorical, sociological, religious studies, and anthropological research focused on utilizing Inquisition sources for the uncovering of marginal and subaltern histories.

To date, with the digitization of massive amounts of previous inaccessible Inquisitorial and ecclesiastical materials, in combination to the recent opening of the Vaticanís archive on the Holy Office, an even greater interest in Inquisition Studies has witnessed an explosion in research and publications.

Founded in 2005 as an informal academic association, ISIS is now the only international organization in the field that has as its central mission to serve as a connection and resource for professionals and interested students and scholars from a variety of backgrounds who use Inquisition sources to help create a more comprehensive picture of the histories of many of the marginalized groups throughout the World.

On its Board of Advisors, ISIS has assembled and continues to assemble renowned scholars from a variety of fields that make up Inquisition Studies


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Membership Benefits

(Coming 2007) Two issues of Journal of Inquisition Studies a year (with paid subscription)

Four issues of ISIS Newsletter per year (Free)

Program for Inquisition Studies Events during Annual Academic Meetings (Free)

An annual copy of the Directory of Inquisition Studies scholars and affiliated students and researchers (Free).

Opportunities to share research and interests with other Inquisition Studies scholars (Free)

For more information about the International Society of Inquisition Studies please contact the webmaster at the e-mail address below. inquisitor-general



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